Take Your A$$ to the Polls

A Black Voter Guide For Phoenix

Things are bad, but they are about to get a whole lot worse.

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The orange buffoon and his friends are running this country like a dumpster fire.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are acting like Republicans.   No politician is doing right for Black folks. None of them.  

But staying home ain’t an option. We don’t have the luxury of protest votes.

We don’t have the privilege of saying they are all the same so I ain’t gonna vote. Squash that noise. STFU AND VOTE! 

Here's the plan:


Fuck Trump and his friends. We gotta get rid of them cause they are killing us. They are killing indigenous and brown folks too.

Check out our voters guide to know where we stand on each candidate.


America is at the crossroads. Shit is fucked up. Been fucked up for a minute. The 2020 election is about getting out of this craziness we’re in right now in the hope that we get a chance to fix this shit in the future. 

Now join us to make it happen.

Build Black Power

Black people are being asked to show up and vote for Democrats like never before. Why? Cause when we show up, they win. 

But Democrats are part of the problem. We aren’t gonna hand over our vote and get screwed over by politicians who claim to be on our side. 


Naw. We’re gonna show up with demands. If they want our vote, they gotta do shit for Black folks.


We are angry and that's how power works.

Pledge to Vote

What do we want from the government?


1. Stop killing us with cops, lack of health care, dangerous working conditions, shitty water, and climate change.

2. Stop stealing Black bodies through mass incarceration, deportation of immigrants/refugees and sanctioned kidnapping of children through child protective services.


3. Stop stealing Black labor through the exploitation of Black workers, creatives, and thought leaders.

4. Reparations and investment in Black people in the form education, healthcare, and economic opportunity.


Want to get down with Black folks in Phoenix building political power? Sign up now or Text BlackVotes to 63566

Find Out Who Is On Your Ballot


A little about us

Black Phoenix Votes is the political arm of the Black Phoenix Organizing Collective (BPOC). Black Phoenix Votes is flexing Black political power in elections. But let’s keep it real - elections don’t change shit. At best, elections can make moments of change possible.  It doesn’t happen by accident. It happens by organizing our community and fighting - everyday - for the things we deserve - like better schools, quality affordable healthcare, defunding cops, and investing in our neighborhoods.

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